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RENTAL Questions

Why should we choose Kreativ Accents for our event rentals?

  • We provide our clients with exceptional customer service and the highest quality vintage inspired collection with the added convenience of being onsite at Sweet Haven Barn.


Do you deliver all the rentals? Do we have to package up all the rentals after the event?

  • Our rentals are kept onsite and will be available to you before you arrive one day prior to your event. We will carefully package and remove all rental items after the event. This allows for a stress-free rental process for our clients.


Is my wedding date available for rentals?

  • Yes, we are available for all Sweet Haven Barn Events.

Do you provide staff to help setup décor?  

  • We can assist our clients with the setup of rental items if requested. However, renters are responsible for installing all the string lighting.

Are batteries included in the candle rentals?

  • Yes, there is a battery fee included in the rental price.

Do I have to wash the rental linens or Vintage China/Cutlery after the event?

  • No, Kreativ Accents staff washes all linens, Vintage China and Cutlery belonging to Kreativ Accents after the event.


What form of payment does Kreativ Accents accept?

Is there a deposit required to secure my rentals? When are the payments due?

  • We do not require a deposit. We request that you create a list of items you are interested in renting and send that to us 2 weeks prior to your event. The final invoice will not be sent until setup is complete the day before your event. However, we do require a signed copy of our Rental Agreement.


Is there a damage deposit required?

  • Full replacement cost for damaged, lost or missing items will be automatically deducted from Sweet Haven Barns' Damage Deposit.

What is the latest day we can add rental items to our package?

  • You are allowed to add additional rental items to your package up until the day before your event. All additional items must be paid in full by 9:00 pm the day before the event, or payment will be deducted from Sweet Haven Barns' damage deposit and transferred to Kreativ Accents.


What if I don’t see what I am looking for?

  • We are constantly acquiring new items so the piece you are looking for may be waiting for photos for our website or in the process of being updated so there is a chance we might have what you need.

  • Please reach out to us before requesting your quote and if we are not currently in the process of purchasing the item, we may be willing to in the future.


I have some items to sell, would you be interested?

Contact Allison at Kreativ Accents
ph: (587)321-0695

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