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General Questions


What is the rental fee and what does it include?

  • Please see the details found here for complete pricing and included items.  


What is the building capacity?

  • 200 guests including the bridal party


What dates are available?

  • Please see the available dates information here.


Is Sweet Haven Barn a year round facility?

  • Yes, the barn has in floor heat and a gas fireplace for the cooler months. It also has an air exchange system.

Is there a deposit? When are the additional payments due? Do you offer a payment plan?

  • Yes. When the contract is signed, to continue holding the date, we require a non-refundable $2,500 Initial Payment. Twelve months prior to the event 50% of the remaining fee will be due. The final instalment will be required eight months prior to the event. You are welcome to send smaller, partial payments of any amount prior to the specified due date, so in effect creating your own payment plan on your own schedule. Full payment is due by the specified due date. We also require a refundable $2,500 damage deposit in the case of any damages done to the property during the event.

How do I reserve a date?

  • To reserve a date, email us at contact@sweethavenbarn.com saying you are ready to book XYZ date if it is still available. We suggest you email us stating you are ready to book your preferred date. Prior to booking a date, we hope you are able to come out in person to visit the farm. You can request a tour on our tour request page, but an in-person tour is not required prior to booking a date. Dates are reserved on a first come, first served basis. Whomever has emailed us first requesting to sign the contract for a specific date will be first in line.

Do I need to schedule a tour or can I just stop by?

  • We kindly request that all tours are by appointment only. You can book a tour here.


What is the average budget of a couple getting married at Sweet Haven Barn?

  • In general, we believe the average budget of a couple getting married at Sweet Haven Barn is between $20,000 - $25,000 for all wedding expenses (venue, food, dress, DJ, photographer, etc.). We have had some creative couples with smaller guests lists host beautiful weddings in the $16,000 - $18,000 range, and we have had several lovely events here spending significantly more than the average. 


Is there a food and beverage, or guest count minimum?

  • No. Many venues have minimums because they make a 10 - 15% commission from the caterer based on how much you spend on food and drinks. We choose NOT to make a commission because we want our food and beverage options to be as elegant or affordable as your budget allows, and therefore we don't have a food and beverage or guest count minimum. 


Do we have to utilize your caterers?

  • No, we do welcome outside LICENSED caterers but references are a must!

  • However, we do have a preferred vendor list here where you can find all of our favourite trusted caterers, bartenders and much more to assist in making your wedding day go as smoothly as possible.


Can we provide our own alcohol and bartenders?

  • Yes, couples are required to purchase their own alcohol, liquor license, mix, ice and plastic glasses for the bar (no home brew). It is up to the couples discretion on what they want to charge for drinks. Professional bartenders are required and we suggest hiring a minimum of three to attend the bar.


Will there be another wedding the same day?

  • No, we only host one wedding per weekend to ensure that each couple's event is special and receives our full attention.


Are there overnight accommodations nearby?

  • Yes. You can find our nearest accommodations here on our preferred vendor page. We also offer overnight RV parking for up to 20 - 25 units.

How many cars will your parking lot accommodate?

  • 100 cars. 


Do you offer straight tables or harvest tables instead of round? 

  • We have a 10 wooden harvest tables onsite that can be used for your gift table, head table, etc. Kreativ Accents also has 14 more wooden harvest tables that are available to be rented.

Do you provided table linens, cups, silverware, etc? 

  • Sweet Haven Barn does NOT provide linens. Off-white linens can be rented through Kreativ Accents, but are NOT included in Sweet Haven Barns' rental fee. You are also welcome to bring your own linens. For details regarding Kreativ Accents rentals please click here.

  • We DO provide wine glasses, water goblets, plates, silverware and water jugs. Couples are responsible for providing their own plastic cups for use by the bar.


What happens in case of rain?

  • In the event of rain, couples have the option to hold their ceremony in the barn and accommodate the wedding party and guests. However, the decision must be made by 10am on the morning of your event in order to prepare the ceremony space.

What happens if there is a power outage?

  • In the event of a power outage, we provide a 18,000 watt backup generator.

We plan to have our ceremony offsite, or only plan to have our ceremony at Sweet Haven Barn.  Does your fee change?

  • Because we only host one event per day/weekend, our fee structure remains the same whether you hold your ceremony, reception, or both onsite.


Do you allow pets onsite to play a part in our wedding day?

  • We are pet friendly, with some specific stipulations. Pets are allowed at the ceremony and pictures. They must be on a leash and someone must be responsible for them other than the bride and groom. Other than service animals, they are NOT allowed under the roof or near the food.


What form of payment does Sweet Haven Barn accept?

  • Many of our couples prefer to use Interac e-Transfer but we also accept cash, cheques or certified bank drafts.


My preferred dates are unavailable. Do you have a cancellation waiting list?

  • We do not keep a cancellation waiting list because cancellations are unpredictable. As soon as a date does become available we post it here.


What time will I have access to the venue to decorate?

  • You will have access to the venue at the time listed on your contract.


Do you include a "wedding day coordinator?"

  • No, however, we do provide one or more team member to be present throughout the day and into the evening to help ensure you and your guests have a safe and enjoyable time on the property. Staff are available to address questions, maintain restrooms, provide light control (dimming/brightening) and cleaning up spills, but will not be guiding the event in any way.

Is your venue wheelchair accessible?

  • Yes, the barn is wheelchair accessible except for the loft area.


Planning Questions


How long do we have access to the venue the day of the event?

  • Couples will have access to the venue at 9:00 AM until 1:00 AM or as agreed to on the contract.


How will the tables, chairs, etc. be arranged for my sized event? 

  • We will discuss options and determine your preferred layout prior to the big day!

Can we have fireworks on the property?

  • Fireworks are not permitted.

Can vehicles be left overnight?

  • Yes, we do allow vehicles to be left overnight. We also have onsite RV parking for up to 25 - 30 units. However, all vehicle must be off the property by 12:00 pm the following day.


What time does the music need to end?

  • The music must conclude by 12:30 am to ensure that all guests and vendors are off the property by 1:00 am or as agreed upon on the contract.

We are using a rental company. Can they drop items off or pick them up outside of the rental period? 

  • Yes, however, the rental company must contact Sweet Haven Barn to arrange a time for pickup and drop off. Please view our onsite rental company here.

Can we get married somewhere else on the farm other than the south ceremony spot?

  • One of the great things about Sweet Haven Barn is the large open areas surrounding the barn. Couples can choose anywhere on Sweet Haven Barns' property to host their ceremony. 


Are candles allowed?

Is smoking allowed?

  • Smoking is NOT allowed inside the barn or under any of the covered verandas/entrances, this includes vaping/e-cigarettes/marijuana. Smoking is ONLY permitted in the designated smoking area and ALL smoking waste/litter must be properly disposed of in designated receptacles.


Do you require access to our vendor list and/or photos?

  • We do require your vendor list to be emailed to us two months prior to your event. We are honoured to be given permission to display photos and videos, however, it is your decision.

Where can I get PAL (Wedding Guard) Insurance?

  • PAL Insurance can be purchased online or at any insurance company.


Can we have an engagement or an advanced photo shoot?

  • Yes, we welcome you to the property for pre-scheduled, outdoor photos at no additional charge. Access for indoor photos and/or boudoir photos are subject to a fee.

Set-up and Day-of Event Questions


Are snacks and drinks permitted outside?

  • Snacks and drinks are allowed outside, however, glass bottles of any kind are not permitted and all recycling/garbage must be accounted for and placed in supplied bins.


What is the event clean-up process?

  • Caterers are responsible for cleaning all dish-ware and table settings from tables. This includes collecting and bagging all trash, and cleaning kitchen thoroughly. Bartenders are responsible for clearing empty cans, glasses and bottles off the tables throughout the event. As well as tidying the bar at the conclusion of your event. Sweet Haven Barn staff tears down the venue at the conclusion of the event.


Can we take photos around the farm on our wedding day?

  • Definitely. Just ask us and we would be happy to make recommendations.


Can we nail decorations to the walls or hang things?

  • We do allow nails/screws in the walls. However, all nails/screws MUST be removed during cleanup the following day.